Your Martial Arts Business Marketing Funnel

Here’s how your martial arts marketing funnel can work for you.

Maybe you’ve heard it before…

“It takes anywhere from 2 to 10 contacts with a prospect before they’ll consider doing business with you.”(or something like that)

Whether, it’s 10, 5, 7 doesn’t matter. What matters is your funnel – your Marketing Funnel to be exact.


Let’s say someone gets your business card from one of your current students. review of clickfunnels That would be contact one. Then, they go to your website (contact 2).

After that, maybe they call (contact 3) or maybe they don’t.

Maybe they trust their friend. But maybe because they now know how important it is to be a “wise consumer” they hop around to a few of your competitor’s sites.

If you’ve got a funnel you don’t worry about them going to “investigate” the competition. Why? Because your marketing funnel is doing the job of building trust and gently nudging them along. But, if you don’t have a marketing funnel there are three possible outcomes…

1- They do nothing.
2- They go to your competition
3- You get lucky and they decide to schedule an intro.

I say, why rely on luck! Develop your funnel! Chances are your competitor has a website.

But chances are less that he/she has a deep marketing funnel. Develop yours and get a winning edge! Your funnel starts with a good, lead generating, direct response marketing website. But special events, direct mail, and working in your community can also help your martial arts business

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